Neuron Bio’s division, Neuron BioPharma, is working on the discovery and development of compounds which help to prevent or treat various neurodegenerative diseases.

Research on Alzheimer’s disease is the main aim of this division, which concentrates on understanding the implications of the regulation of cholesterol in the brain. Thanks to the development of these studies Neuron Bio has become a pioneer at worldwide level in this sector and has a unique knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate cholesterol levels in the brain as well as the effects they have on the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Neuron BioPharma approaches this kind of disease from the prevention angle, focusing on the early stages of the disease. This strategy is a key factor for Neuron BioPharma and distinguishes its research lines from those of other companies working in the field. All existing treatments on the market related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s try to reverse the cognitive deterioration once the disease has been diagnosed, a goal which has proved elusive to date. Neuron Bio focuses on preventive treatments, which avoid this deterioration in the first place.
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